Some tips of medical and civilian face masks -- -- 2021-07-07
Can the mask be washed and reused?Can wearing more layers of masks protect you more?About the classification of masksMore>>
Why do masks prevent the spread of the virus? -- -- 2021-07-06
We usually say that masks are made of non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics are non-woven fabrics, as opposed to woven fabrics, which are made of oriented or random fibers. When itMore>>
Introduction to the clever use of disposable 1mL sterile syringe -- -- 2021-02-19
Introduction to the clever use of auto-destory sterile syringeMore>>
How to test the sharpness of medical syringe -- -- 2017-01-12
Our supply ability is about 40*40HQ cantiner/month. Our medical disposable syringe could meet many different clientsMore>>
What's is the BFE≥99%? -- -- 2016-01-15
BFE: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, a measurement of filtration efficiency of filtration systems for surgical face masks. Usually the weight of material for face mask with BFE≥9More>>


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