ORIENTMED established its new produce line of 1ml auto destroy syringe -- -- 2021-04-08
One March 1st, ORIENTMED finshed its 1ml luer lock syringe production line. It could supply 0.3ml, 0.5ml, 1ml auto destroy syringe and common syringe luer lock or luer slipMore>>
Introduction to infrared thermometers -- -- 2020-07-24
Infrared thermometers​, which measure body temperature by infrared rays, can be divided into two typesMore>>
How to choose to suit oneself to protect a shin board? -- -- 2020-07-23
Generally speaking, according to wear type, shin board is divided into two kinds: one is the traditional insert board, the other is the protection board with sock.More>>
The new mask has a special smell. Is it normal? -- -- 2020-07-22
The smell of the newly bought face mask depends on the reason that has peculiar smell is zhi of nonwoven cloth is to use polypropylene grain dao material or powder material to formMore>>
Selection of vacuum blood tube and injection sequence -- -- 2020-07-21
According to the test items, select the appropriate test tube.The sequence of blood injection is culture bottle, ordinary test tube, test tube containing solid anticoagulant, test More>>
When do I need to wear knee support? -- -- 2020-07-20
Several occasions when knee support are required,For more information on the occasions when knee pads are required, send an emailMore>>
So what are the risks of not wearing shin guards? -- -- 2020-07-17
When players do not wear leg pads or force on the lower leg, they can have fractures of the tibia or fibula. More>>
Introduce the development and change of blood collecting needle -- -- 2020-07-16
Introduce the development and change of blood collecting needle,First generation: Willow needles,The second generation: plastic molding needle,The third generation: mechanical blooMore>>
Can a medical surgical scalpel be reused? -- -- 2020-07-15
The surgical scalpel has a blade and a handle.The blades are high carbon steel,The surgical scalpel handle is not disposable.More>>
Necessary sports protective products for sports enthusiasts -- -- 2020-07-13
Necessary sports protective products for sports enthusiasts , protect us in the process of sports from injury.More>>

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