What's the problem for most of the suppliers in 117th Session of China Import and Export Fair

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Dear Everyone!

As the CEO of Hebei Orient, thanks to my colleagues that all of you performed very good. But I still like to share my exprence to our new colleagues in case of they have the same mistakes. 

The Canton Fair has ended. Whether the market is good or not I believe you have already had an answer in mind. Some people are happy while some are not. But, no matter how much you have received, I believe that everyone who has participated in Canton Fair must learn a lot from this precious experience, gaining something more important than order. 

I also have attended this Canton Fair and visited many booths. In this process, I saw many senior salesman’s “profound” negotiation skill, and some young salesmen’s mistake-making moment. In order to attract your attention to this problem, I have listed the problems I saw and the solutions to let those who attend the second and third phase fair learn a lesson from it.

1.Do not take business card before quote
This is a problem comes up a lot. Sometimes salesmen are too busy to receive so many clients so they forget to leave any name card of contacts of customers and then quote the price, letting potential customers slipping away one by one.
This is a problem that deserves all salesmen’s attention. Getting more customers resource is the main purpose that we attend the exhibition and if we don’t keep customer’s information, how could we follow up with after exhibition? So, as a professional salesman,we have to get customer’s business card or contact information before quoting, and make the quotation record. In this way, even if customer refused at that time because of high price, we can contact and follow after exhibition. Maybe there lies the next order.
Facing those who say his business card having been sending out, we could let him write down his E-mail or phone number, but not just let him go away.

2.Take long time to quote
Many salesmen will browse the quotation data or catalog that has written down the price after customer ask for a quote. But for a salesman who has many products, it’s not an easy job. When customer asks about quotation, some salesman begins nervous and turns over the quotation data, but takes long time to find the right page, making customer waiting for a long time.
Actually, it reflects a problem that the salesman is unfamiliar with with product’s price. Even if there’s many product types, salesman must have certain mastery to product and it’s quotation. Even though you can’t remember every model’s quotation clearly, you have to know where it is, then you can find it quickly when customer asks about the quotation, showing the calmness of a professional salesman.

3.Do not mark the quotation record
Some salesmen don’t record the price they quote after quotation, neither do the quotation terms (customer’s market, certification, plug ,etc) clearly, which will hinder the follow-up.
It’s also the taboo for salesman. For every customer we have quoted, we have to know clearly about customer’s requirement and terms which will be more convenient for further follow-up.

4.Do not active enough when receiving customers
I found that in some booths, salesmen chat with each other, sitting in the chair. When there’s a customer coming, they won’t come to receive and recommend actively. They would only come slowly to customer when he asks.
This shouldn’t be the attitude of a salesman. Canton Fair is a rare event in trade circles. Salesman who has the pleasure to participate in this exhibition should cherish this opportunity and seize every customer, because it’s the best chance that you can chat with customers face to face and it is also the golden chance for pushing your sales performance.
Canton Fair, one year two session, is the exhibition that every foreign trader yearning, and it is also the direct channel for foreign traders to know about the international market. In this exhibition, every salesman should cherish and seize this chance, to develop to another level. Canton Fair, it is we are fighting for it. “The harder we work, the luckier we will be”, it fully confirm our feelings of “tired but happy".

Welcome friends all over the word come to visit Hebei Orient.

Here we are professional, responsible, and passionate!



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