syringe/Prefilled syringe 1ml,2.25ml,3ml/prefillable syringe


Prefilled Syringes(Prefil Syringes, Prefillable Syringes) are indispensable in the medical field.
Since the drug solution is prepared in the syringe, it is highly excellent in handiness, safety and sterility.
Followings are our prefilled syringes.




Total Length: 66.5±0.5mm

Tube Length: 55.5±0.5mm

Head Length: 11±0.5mm

Internal Diameter: Φ8.65±0.09mm

External Diameter:Φ10.85±0.1mm


pre filled syringe.jpg


----------------------Component Parts of Prefilled Syringe -----------------------pre filled syringe.jpg

Prefilled syringe is composed of several parts. Followings are the descriptions of the parts.

Custom-made parts are also available if you wish.In case of plastic syringe, it is possible to perform integral molding of luerlock adapter and finger grip.

1Tip Cap
2 Luer Lock, This part is to strengthen the fitting between the LLA and the disposal needle.
3 Glass Barrel/Plastic Barrel
4 Piston
5 Finger Grip
6 Plunger

------------------------------------About the Tip-----------------------------------

prefilled syringe.jpg

-----------------------------------Our Main Products-------------------------------

1ml Standard

1ml standard with needle (25G/27G)

1ml standard luer

1ml standard luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)

1ml Long

1ml long with needle (25G/27G )

1ml long luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)


2.25ml with needle (25G)

2.25ml luer

2.25ml luer lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)


3ml Luer

3ml Luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)


5ml Luer

5ml Luer Lock (with rigid tip cap or flexible tip cap)

---------------------------------Packing Detailed-----------------------------------

 Inner Nest Box:100 pcs PFS with its tip cap packed in one nest box.(For 1ml,2.25ml,3ml prefilled syringe,there are 100 pieces packed in a nest box;For 5ml PFS there are 64 pieces in it.) pre filled syringe package.jpg


Rubber Stoper:Rubber stopper is packed separately in a double-layer bag

Plunger Rod is packed separately in a double-layer PE bag

pre filled syringe package 2.jpg 

Outer carton:3corrugated box

(For 1ml,2.25ml,3ml prefilled syringe,there are 1500 pieces(15 next boxes) )packed in a carton;Carton size:785*245*650

For 5ml PFS,there are 960 pieces in a carton;Carton Size:785*245*650

Manufacturer Process0003571_5-x-5-x-3-corrugated-boxes-25-pack_600.jpeg

-------------------------------Manufacturer Process-------------------------------





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